Such a great album. Thank you Mr Hopkins. 

Snaps from my trip to Berlin for RBMA Bass Camp

On Flickr

A chat with Alexander Hacke in Hansa Studios - faciltated by RBMA Bass Camp Berlin

Sideline Magazine Interview - Spiritual Friendship

Check it out here

Pathway Studio

Visited the place where my professional recording adventure started today. Thanks Mike Finesilver for giving me a chance, and John Foxx for trusting me to help make Metamatic.

Yusin by Yann Tiersen

I performed a piece from EUSA on my modular synth. Reposting today in honour of Yann Tiersen concert at the Barbican tonight. YUSIN.

The 3rd thing in the 1983 series

And also

To accompany the framed vinyl in Pret

Holywell Lane

Came into the Pret a Manger on the corner of Holywell Lane to get a Coffee and saw this on the wall:

Because the cafe is over the space where the Garden Studio used to be. A weird re-connection, as I was TonMeister on that record. Recorded and Mixed.

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