The Radio Nouveau

Stereo Hideouts debut LP that I mixed is available here

Summer Solstice 2013

My Original piece "Summer Solstice 2013" released as part of Mute Response Delighted to be a part of this. My contribution available here.


Mixed a wonderful track today for Jayney Klimek - a reworking of a track we already worked on together. Beautiful.

PUSH arrives from Ableton

Had a great demo of this device from Nick Hook and now I have my own. Feeling excited and inspired by it!, and looking forward to making more time to practise.

Stereo Hideout LP

Mixing for this StereoHideout LP finished this week and it has been Mastered at Joe Lambert Mastering.

Pasted Graphic

Sri Lanka 1982-1983

My contribution to the London Analog Festival available here

MGMT - Sunroof Remix - "Your Life is a Lie"

Wonderful remix . Pitchfork write briefly about it here. Made with Daniel Miller.

I appear in BBC radio programme about Berlin

I am going to Legacy Studios in Holland on March 18

As part of an MPG Initiative with Legacy

Steamboat Switzerland

I have been mixing and LP for Steamboat Switzerland - the composer of the music, Michael Wertmüller, came over to my studio in Strongroom to finalise the tweaks of the mixes. He has kindly allowed me to upload a score for one of the pieces (Zetitschrei III) so anyone who is interested can check it out. It is available here
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