Holywell Lane

Came into the Pret a Manger on the corner of Holywell Lane to get a Coffee and saw this on the wall:

Because the cafe is over the space where the Garden Studio used to be. A weird re-connection, as I was TonMeister on that record. Recorded and Mixed.

Vintage Ampeg

Saw this wonderful sounding Bass Amp in my neighbour's (Haydn Bendall ) studio at Strongroom. Would love to have it in my room :-)

It is in front of a beautiful Hammond Organ speaker

Make Noise Music

I am exploring hidden depths in my Make Noise equipment (which I love and am fascinated by) thanks in part to the excellent youTube videos
It is an awesome humbling and inspiring journey

Beautiful Cover Image for Spiritual Friendship.

Thanks Damian.

Spiritual Friendship

Made an amazing Album with my friend Nick Hook last year. It was not planned - started out as an experimental get together in my studio - theArtLab - inLondon. Everything was done in flow - mutually empowering creative atmosphere. No boundaries. Everything possible. And it grew. 20 days from top to bottom. We love it. Our close friends and colleagues love it and we want to share it with the world. Digital release on April 8. We made a small website.

Superbooth 16

Looking forward to visiting and participating in this amazing event after Easter.

New Tech Talk uploaded - Monitor Placement

New TechTalk uploaded - Analogue Audio Mixers

Genius Jones Tech Talks will be going up on my new youTube channel

A Visit to the Oncologist

My third piece made from Field Recordings. 

This time with Ableton and a rhythmic structure. All Field Recordings made on a trip across town to visit my Oncologist on November 18 2011. Bass and Drums and little riff added in winter 2013. 

 The bass line was composed with Make Noise Rene and the Riff with Ableton Push.  An interesting case of the technology DIRECTLY INFLUENCING the composition.  I love this stuff.

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