In 1994 Daniel Miller had a bunch of synths in his warehouse studio, & when I returned from Berlin I helped set everything up. As part of this process (in preparation, it turned out, for the series of Sunroof Remixes ) we did a number of improvisations.

Initially the length of the session was determined by the length of the ADAT tape we recorded onto.

After the Mute Offices at Harrow Road closed down we found the tapes (which I had sent over to Mute many years ago for transfer to hard disk) and now we have decided to release the sessions pretty much as they were.

Abbey Street 1 (recorded October 22 1994, mixed August 23 2007) available here.

Abbey Street 2 (recorded November 5 1994, mixed May 29 2009) available here

Abbey Street 3 (recorded February 20 1995, mixed November 14 2009) available here

Abbey Street 4 (recorded sometime in 1995) is just 10 minutes long. Available here

Abbey Street 5 (the final instalment) is 50 minutes long. Available here