These are some of the projects I am currently working on or have recently finished:

Irmin Schmidt Piano record released November 2018
Produced and Recorded

Apparat new LP Mixed

Yann Tiersen new LP Mixed
A preview - Tempelhof - on Tidal


Ceiling Spirits LP completed and Mastered

released November 9 2018

Wonderful instrumental record mixed for Pascal Gabriel
Stubbleman. Mountains and Plains

Mixed many tracks on the upcoming
Leisure Society LP#5

Spiritual Friendship Chakra Drones

Sampling and Proof of Concept meetings with "
Of Love and Lust"

Production of new Wovoka Gentle record on Nude Records
Single released

Spiritual Friendship new LP released on Alternative Medecine

Spiritual Friendship played Moogfest 2018

Writing with Chris Bono (Our Silent Canvas) - NOUS record recorded mixed and Mastered

Spiritual Friendship LP3 written at The Space Pit. Recorded Mixed. Release December 2018

Spiritual Friendship remixes released