I love tape and vinyl but I work mainly with a Digital Toolkit informed by Analogue Soul (20 years work with Analogue Consoles, Synthesisers and Tape Machines)

I love mixing “in the box” as well as with a full studio set-up.

I am a huge fan of the powerful UAD plugins and run 2 Octo cards. This dream setup combined with a host of other incredible plugins including the full Slate Digital set allows me to interface with my Analog summing chain in a really creative and satisfying way. I have built a huge multi buss virtual mixing console inside Logic X which is giving gratifying results. Big. Wide. Punchy.

In my mix room at Strongroom I come out of Reference Quality Metric Halo Interfaces and Analogue Sum through the wonderful Thermionic Culture “Fat Bustard”. Tubes!

The output of the Fat Bustard goes through my Clariphonic EQ - gloriously beautiful and smooth Analogue high end - and returns to the rig through the Metric Halo., where I add a blend of parallel and series software compressors.

I use my Culture Vulture Super 15 extensively in parallel and also Audio Kitchen TBT and several spring reverbs and modular delays.

This gives me a wonderful combination of Tubes and State of the Art digital technology at affordable rates with full recall.

Monitoring: Barefoot MM27 monitors in conjunction with SonarWorks software and Audeze LCD-MX4s

I am also a Modular Analogue Synth enthusiast.