Gareth Jones is a British Music Producer, Mixer and Noise Maker.

Educated at Prince Henry’s High School, Evesham and Trinity College, Cambridge (with an IBM Bursary) & trained at the BBC, he began working at "Pathway" studios in the late Seventies where he recorded and mixed John Foxx's Metamatic album in 1980 and the first Madness single, "The Prince", in 1979. He helped build “The Garden” studio in Shoreditch for John Foxx and worked with Tuxedomoon & Depeche Mode there.

Shortly afterwards he moved to Berlin and worked at the famous "Hansa" studio, where he continued experimenting with recording ambiences and creating his own sound, making the “Berlin Trilogy” with Depeche Mode. 

Gareth Jones was a pioneer in the use of digital equipment (including the then new sampling technology), combined with Analogue recording techniques and synthesizers.  He worked with many other bands in Berlin including Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Fad Gadget, Diamanda Galas, Einstürzende Neubauten, Wire, Nena and Rainbirds. He also recorded and mixed 2 film soundtracks for  Wim Wenders.

More recently he has:

Mixed for David’s Lyre, Efterklang, The Futureheads, Grizzly Bear, IndoChine, Interpol, Josh T. Pearson, Liars, Merchandise. Mogwai, Sons and Daughters, Yann Tiersen, & Young Dreams.
Remixed for Can, Erasure, Goldfrapp, MGMT, Neu, Orbital, Pizzicato 5, Plastikman, SCUM and To Rococo Rot.
Produced (often including mixing) Clinic, Emmy the Great, Erasure. Polly Scattergood, These New Puritans, We Have Band. Wovoka Gentle

In the early nineties he moved back to London to a production room at Strongroom Studio, where he was for 10 years, and is now again since 2013.

He is a Logic Pro guru, Modular Synth geek, Ableton Live enthusiast, keen and active MPG member and a JAMES assessor. He has lectured at Madrid Red Bull Music Academy and given many interviews and seminars. His “Tech Talks” are available here.

Gareth enjoys Cinema, Cycling, Hiking, Painting, Spiritual Growth, Vegetarian Food and Vinyl LPs.

Born 1954 in Warrington, Lancashire. 1957 the family moved to Evesham, Worcestershire


Swan Lane primary school
Prince Henry's secondary school. Head Boy, Choir and Orchestra (Trumpet and French Horn).
Trinity College, Cambridge (Natural Science). IBM Bursary.


Donmar Lighting Hire Store, Earlham Street 1976
BBC - Technical Operator, Broadcasting House and Studio Manager, Bush House. 1976
Pathway Studio, Stoke Newington 1978
The Garden Studio, Shoreditch 1981
Then Freelance all over the place

Currently doing lots of work out of my room at Strongroom


Brixton, London. UK
Berlin, Germany (1983 - 1992)
Covent Garden and Belsize Park, London, UK

Married 2004.
No children.